Crossover Academy -

The whole world is a stage.

The Crossover Academy offers you the free opportunity to discover or develop your talent.

This is the landing page for the gallery. If you have a password, you'll be able to look at a selection of the output of the crossover academy below.

Your talent is a great asset, even if it doesn't always get you good school grades. That is why there is a need for other places outside of school where you can learn new things, get support and feedback, because:

How far you get with your talent is half up to you and half is how much support you get for it!

This is where the Crossover Academy comes in. With us you will be looked after by professionals from music production, stage and costume design, acting, dance and choreography.

There will be a total of 3 workshop series from spring 2021 that you can take part in:

  1. Stage design
  2. Performance and Choreography
  3. Live music and studio music

(Age of participants: 13-18 years.)

Medienworkshop Bühnendesign "Frühstück im Pelz"




Medienworkshop Dazwischen und völlig drüber

Performance/Choreoworkshop - The show

Performance/Choreoworkshop - Finger Choreo

Perofrmance/Choreo Workshop - The chair game

Medienworkshop Von mir zur Musik

Musikvideo Henry

Musikvideo Alice

Musikvideo Caddy

Crossover Academy program: series of media workshops

Stage concept and stage design

Performance and Choreography

Live music und Studio music